NYÁRÁDY Erazmus Iulius (Gyula): "Geografia, flora și vegetația Băilor Sărate Sovata din perioada 1940-1945" ("Geography, Flora and Vegetation of Sovata Baths between 1940-1945"), Roman Anamaria & Bartók Katalin (eds.), Kriterion Publishing, Cluj-Napoca, 2021, 267 pp.


  • József Pál FRINK “Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry, Cluj Napoca, Romania. *Corresponding author: jpfrink@gmail.com
  • Ghizela D. VONICA National Brukenthal Museum Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania.


Lake Ursu, Sovata Baths history, Nyárády’s plant drawings and field diary.


Botanical literature was significantly enriched by an outstanding volume printed in 2021. We welcomed the publication of the nearly 8-decade-old manuscript of the famous botanist Erazmus Iulius Nyárády (original title in Hungarian: Szovátafürdő és környékének monográfiája), which deals with the geography, flora and vegetation of Sovata Baths, based on field surveys in the period 1943-44. Nyárády was asked to do this scientific work by Sovata Baths Council.

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