Anti plagiarism procedure

The anti-plagiarism procedure applied at Studia UBB Biologia

The anti-plagiarism procedure used by the board of this journal is in accordance with: the Decision of UBB Administration Council no. 82/4.01.2022; the Decision of UBB Senate no. 119/23.09.2021 and the Decision of UBB Administration Council no. 15823/14.11.2022.

Aim of the anti-plagiarism procedure:

To avoid intellectual fraud.

Stages of the anti-plagiarism procedure:

  1. Within 30 days after submission, all manuscripts are checked with a dedicated software (Turnitin Similarity,, by the Journal Editor.
  2. All manuscripts will be checked without the ”References” section; small similarities and quotes are discarded. No other languages are considered except English.
  3. If the similarity report returns a percentage lower than 25, the manuscript will enter the review phase.
  4. If the similarity report returns a percentage higher than 25, a commission of three members from the Editorial Board will examine the manuscript. Their conclusions will determine the subsequent actions: if they do not detect intended plagiarism, the manuscript can enter the reviewing stage, with explicit recommendations to improve the similarity percentage. If malicious intent is found, then the author is informed and the manuscript is discarded.
  5. The procedure can be applied again before the manuscript is published, if the modifications operated after review are major.

The anti-plagiarism procedure is applied beginning with 1 January 2023 (Journal issue 68,1).